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Fioma: House of Femme      is a womenswear apparel brand made to fit women of all shapes and sizes. As a long time designer, with several of my spring collections featured on runways for the last 4 years, I’ve taken the next step to create my own clothing brand. I believe in the idea of untraditional femininity. The notion of canceling out the outdated, restrictive form of the word femininity and helping to revisualize what it means to be a woman embracing the essence of femme. The main foundation of my company is to support women in every field, sphere & area of the world- hence the name, 'House of Femme.'  Using sewing skills from women in developing nations and supporting them with fair wages and the means to make a decent living, combined with my expertise in fashion design and business, I’ve created my brand. The name Fioma, is a play off of my middle name, Ifeoma. The Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria, define Ifeoma as a "Pretty Girl." My grandfather, Sylvester Ossai named mee Ifeoma, as a testament to his heritage and culture. My late grandfather fostered my love of the arts, buying me my first sewing machine at the age of 12. I was ecstatic! After watching me stitch up old barbie dresses with needle and thread, he recognized how tedious my process was and collaborated with my grandmother to get me a small machine. One day, years later, I decided to play around with watercolors while he was visiting. He stood looking at my painting for a while when he said "Fisi-fisi (his nickname), I've noticed that you have a talent with the arts. I tell you, never let that die down. I see it in you, follow through."  2 weeks after this conversation, while on his hospice bedside, I carried that watercolor painting and set it beside him for positivity. I carried the value of my artistry with me ever since and I thank him for guiding me to this journey.  

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